Facts About Yorkies

The picture to the left is a picture of my Yorkie Spanky. A lot of us are dog lovers.  We have these sweet little animals that we love so dearly and consider them as a part of our family.  We try to learn as much information as possible in order to take care of them to the best of our ability.  We want them to live long and healthy lives.  They are our children.  They are like our babies.

I created this website to include facts about Yorkies.  I love my Yorkie Spanky.  I call him my Spanky Wanky BooBoo.  He is such a beautiful puppy.  He is my first and I never knew it was possible to love an animal so much until my husband and I purchased him.  This website contains a lot of useful information that would help you care for your Yorkie. 


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